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# Who am I

I am the ONE.

Virtual World Builder contemplating on Reality.
Limiting onself to categories. Not very helpful, even damaging.
Fluctuating collection of molecules, atoms, ideas, attitudes and a soul?
I am not a static entity.
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World builder.
World citizen.

# Experience

Baby, Are you experienced?

The Process breakdown:

INCEPTION | imagining and developing the world

PROTOTYPING | testing the story space and visualizing the world

MANUFACTURING & FINISHING | building and experiencing the worldexplicabo.


A place for Ideas to have sex

# T00TLS

Show me some skillz, Dude...


Maya & Anim
Unreal Gamedev
  • Character animation
  • Simmulations
  • Post Production

# Education

Mostly Autodidact

  • Oslo Fotokunst Skole / History of Photography and Cinema
  • National Academy of the Arts Statens kunstakademi / RATS

If you have nothing good to say, say it anyway.

# Gallery

Selected works

# Contact

Hookup pane

I am looking for freelance work and potential collaboration projects. If you have ideas for artwork previz or public art projects you need help visualizing dont be too shy. Drop me a line.

  • Sahak Sahakian
  • Arupsgt 22A
  • Phone: +47 90528635
  • Email: lubitel@lubitel.no

one that loves, what he does